Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Large key accounts can hardly be reached anymore with generic (automated) marketing. They get enough of that.

Senior decision makers are interested in relevant information and insights. Information that clearly demonstrates what value will result from your solutions.

Account Based Marketing is a 1-on-1 sales and marketing strategy to achieve more results with selected (often complex) key accounts and prospects.

An increasing number of B2B companies include account based marketing within their commercial strategy because of:

 postitive impact on sales results

high return on marketing and sales investment

increased availability of relevant data and digital tools 

Return on Marketing Investment


87% of B2B companies indicate ABM delivers the highest return on investment compared with other marketing activities (source: ITSMA 2017).

Key Advantages of Account Based Marketing

  • Acquisition
  • Effective collaboration with sales
  • Customer relationships
  • Profitability
  • Marketing ROI

Survey among 20 large Dutch B2B companies that use Account Based Marketing to engage strategic key accounts.

The 4 key elements of Account Based Marketing

An effective Account Based Marketing program combines 4 key elements. Click on one of the items below for more information:


Insight into the customer organization, the most important departments and stakeholders.

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The most relevant proposition in the eyes of the decision makers and stakeholders.

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A well-coordinated and relevant engagement of the most important decision makers and stakeholders.

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Effective and agile organization including program management and ABM processes

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